Advance patient engagement.

Efficiently capture a comprehensive picture
of your patients' health risk information,
medical histories, and other clinical data.

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Effortlessly impactful healthcare tech:

Docket™ makes it easier for patients to consolidate and share critical health information using cutting-edge data exchange standards and Quick Response (QR) codes. Leveraging dynamic health risk assessments, Docket™ sidesteps social biases in order to identify and treat underlying issues such as abuse, addiction, and depression. Our solution is intuitive, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement. Docket™ technology supports HL7 FHIR® interoperability, Apple Health, and Google Fit integration. Join our fight to eradicate paper-based clipboard questionnaires.


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Download Docket™ for iOS or Android for free and consolidate your health profile.


Use your Docket™ Boarding Pass to check-in to your appointment by scanning your doctor’s unique QR code.


You’re in control of your health data: authorize and revoke access to your health information.


Your data always belongs to you.

Only you can authorize access of personal health information to trusted care providers. Anything you share with your doctor or Docket™ is fully encrypted using AES-256-GCM, both on our servers and on your phone. All network connections are always encrypted. When you check-in, the app will ask you to verify who you're about to send your data to. You can revoke or reauthorize access at any point. All of this ensures Docket™ is HIPAA-compliant.

Docket™ uses industry-standard FHIR® messages and adheres to the Health Relationship Trust (HEART) specification, going above and beyond HIPAA. Docket™ successfully underwent an audit during the Move Health Data Forward challenge. Rest assured, your data is safe.

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Sign-up for free within seconds. Print your unique Docket™ QR code and present it at any patient access point such as a front desk or waiting room.


Invite your patients to download the free Docket™ mobile app and reduce “no-shows” with customizable, HIPAA- compliant appointment reminder texts.


Streamline appointment intake and engage your patients by inviting them to check-in using the Docket™ mobile app.


Poor medical compliance, adverse lifestyles, and life stressors are underreported by patients. Docket™ facilitates communication and eliminates social biases.


Collecting and processing patient-reported information is cumbersome for staff and costly to providers. Docket™ frees staff to focus on treating patients.


your patients’ voices. Empower patients to partner in care and enhance satisfaction.

For more information regarding clinical content, please refer to our Data Dictionary.


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"Docket™ is a secure system for users to seamlessly store and share their health data with trusted care providers"

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Healthcare IT News
"It enables HIPAA compliance via its User-managed Access approach and end-to-end encryption, as well as interoperability using HL7's FHIR specification."

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Mobihealth News
"Doctors have a web-based provider portal where they can view patient data that is embedded in Docket, print or save PDFs of patients data, and print HIPAA procedures"



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Curated Personal Health Records
Participate in the authorship of your health profile.

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Medication Alerts & Device Integration
Track your medication adherence and IoT health data.

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User-managed Access Controls
Control how your information is authorized and accessed.


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Configurable Health Risk Assessments
Determine which data elements to consume based on clinical utility.

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Appointment Reminders & Secure Patient Messaging
Docket™ puts you in touch with your patients, regardless if they have the app.

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Interoperability: Let's light a FHIR® together
Our API meets new standards for consumer-mediated health information sharing.












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White Labeling
Dazzle your patients with a well-polished branded experience to match your organization's unique identity.

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Integration Services
Harness the full potential of HL7 FHIR® to integrate Docket™ with your other applications.

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Custom Features
Customize Docket™ to meet your organization's specific goals.

Contact us to learn more.


Michael Perretta

Product Lead

Michael is the Founder & CEO. Michael has prior experience developing and implementing new solutions to service the healthcare tech space. Currently, Michael serves an advisory role on the U.S. Core Data for Interoperability Task Force. Michael holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Boston College.

Robert Kopp, MD

Clinical Lead

Robert is a Florida-based physician, specializing in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery. Robert holds a B.A. in Economics with a concentration in Medical Studies from St. Lawrence University as well as a Medical Doctorate from Upstate Medical University, SUNY.

Nathan Scott

Technology Lead

Nathan is a self-taught software engineer who attended The George Washington University for Computer Science. He previously worked at two start-ups, one where he wore all the hats, and another where he built major internal frameworks and fixed performance problems. Nathan has a life-long passion for distributed systems and high-performance computing.

Robert DiCostanzo, CFA

Finance Lead

Robert is a New York City-based Investment Analyst and CFA. Previously, Robert was a Project Manager and Implementation Consultant for Epic Systems Corporation. Robert holds an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance from University of Virginia.

Illustrations by Paul Hoppe.